Apache spark + cassandra: Basic steps to install and configure cassandra and use it with apache spark with example



To build an application using apache spark and cassandra you can use the datastax spark-cassandra-connector to communicate with spark. Before we are going to communicate with spark using connector we should know how to configure cassandra. So following are prerequisite to run example smoothly.

Following steps to install and configure cassandra

If you are new to cassandra first we nee to install cassandra on our local machine.

$wget http://downloads.datastax.com/community/dsc-cassandra-2.1.6-bin.tar.gz

next step is if you want to configure cassandra instance you can make changes in /conf/cassandra.yaml file. Some of important configurations are below:

cluster_name: ‘test_1node’

you can set the same cluster name its shows in which cluster node is connected

 listen_address: localhost

Right now we are using local instance otherwise we use ip address by that other node in cluster can communicate with this node using listen_address

rpc_address: localhost

rpc_address specify the ip or host name through which client communicate


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